Do you :

STRUTCAMP Women will teach you the tools and skills required to :

From emotions and relationships and various aspects of life, learn to become more confident.

Don't Walk through life.STRUT.

What is StrutCamp Woman?

Strut Camp is for YOU. It's "METIME". It's a high energy, high impact weekend of personal development for women 18 & over. It's designed to teach you the tools and skills you need to deal with life's challenges and become an even better YOU!

What Will I Learn?

The ingredients to a more confident YOU, This begins with the Five E's :


  • Time saving tools for taking care of body and mind that allow you to perform at your best, consistently in all areas of life.The very skills developed to help top performers in sport and business
  • How to manage emotions NOT your emotions managing you.
  • Feel more confident with yourself physically and mentally.


  • How to communicate in difficult situations & make tough decissions.
  • How to engage with people and build stronger relationships.


  • Understand how to create a world class personal environment by reflecting on your current situation
  • Learn the importance of breaking negative cycles to prevent passing down to future generations.


  • Understand how to integrate the roles in your life without conflict.
  • Discover the subtle between SPENDING & INVESTING Time.
  • Find out tools and skills that will help you deposit into your EMOTIONAL bank account


  • Gain clarity .
  • Evaluate where you are today and where you want to be at this stage of your journey, in life and career.
  • Identify your limiting beliefs that hold you back and discover your DRIVERS to make them change.
  • Full of amazing practical and applicable tools, skills and insights that will be transformative

Jamie Edwards

Jamie is a leading mental performance coach, who helps elite athletes and leading business people to think differently.

Throughout his career Jamie has coached women in sports and business, all of whom have said if they would have had the tools and skills they learned from him earlier, they would have experienced their lives and careers very differently.

This and the fact Jamie has a young daughter and he wants her to own her "Strut" & be prepared with tools & skills. This is why the concept of StrutCamp was born. After the success of the StrutCamp Girls, plenty of mums, aunties and influencers wanted to know more for themselves and about themselves.
So here it is, Now it's your turn.

What People Say

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"Working with Jamie Edwards has given me the mental tools and a clear strategy to make effective decisions. his level headedness, Humour and clarity have been an inspiration to me"

Alison Nicholas MBE, Solheim Cup Winning Captain.
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" He Provides me a fascinating insight into how to think Differently. My team want him back quickly "

Alison Ainsworth, Senior Director of Golf, Leisure & Spa Operations Europe
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" I sent a group of young ladies last year that were quietly confident but something was missing and as Jamie knows how to get the best out of people, the opportunity was too good to be missed. All participants gained so much from the experience and with the positive mentoring throughout the workshop, they realised that their personal goals and aspirations were achievable. Strut Camp Girls is a unique concept and there are many women wanting to experience it. "

Pat Hawkins, CEO UK Cheerleading Association
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" I have worked with Jamie for ten years. His gift is helping me look at not just how I perform on my bike but I have become a better woman, sister and partner because of the work we have done. "

Rachel Atherton, Downhill Mountain Bike World Champion

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